About Us


We are Stephen & Valarie, the owners of TLOR Boutique & Gifts.  Valarie is originally from San Diego, CA and Stephen is originally from Haverhill, MA.  We met in Charlotte, NC, in 2001 and have been inseparable ever since!  We were married in 2003 and we moved our family to a super small town in South Carolina.  It has always been our dream and goal to own our own business...specifically an Artisan specialty boutique.  In February, 2021, we started our online business and attended pop up events when we could.  We have been blessed to have a lot of support from our local community and on September 16, 2021, we were able to open a brick & mortar location!   

It is important to us that we carry products that are high quality and great value.  We (actually just Valarie) spend a lot of time researching products to make sure that we are bring our customers the very best that we can find.  Some of our products we have discovered while on vacation, attending Farmer's Markets or artisan vendor events.  The BEST products we have discovered are the ones that we weren't even looking for, but we were just in the right place at the right time...almost like it was meant to be! Supporting small, American businesses and creators is extremely important to us and we are proud to be able to bring you so many products created by talented artisans from around the United States. 

When it comes to the things that are not made in America, we make sure that the items and products that we bring to you, from around the world, are made by companies that are Fair Trade certified.  This does make things a little harder to find in large quantities or regularly, but knowing that the people making our products are being given fair wages, good working environments and are able to better their lives and their family is important to us. 

We hope you love at lease a little bit of everything that we have at TLOR Boutique & Gifts! 


Stephen & Valarie

Our Commitment

Quality should never be compromised. No matter what product you choose, you can feel confident that our products are of the highest caliber.  As a small business located in South Carolina, TLOR Boutique & Gifts is committed to providing you the most unique items with the highest quality.  Although not every item is handcrafted in the United States; we strive to find  artists and other small companies based in the USA as much as we possibly can.    

Our Guarantee

You should be completely happy with your experience at our Rock Hill Boutique. If you have any questions about TLOR Boutique & Gifts, our products, or even shipping, we are here to help!   Visit us at the boutique in Rock Hill or email us!


Stephen & Valarie