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Celtic Knotwork Heart Silver and Gold Ring

Celtic Knotwork Heart Silver and Gold Ring

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The Celtic Heart is a mute symbol of the inner passion that burns beneath the surface. In ancient times, it wasn't always wise to express love and passion openly, so the Celts designed the woven knotwork heart to speak for them.

This striking Celtic Heart is woven from aesthetic knotwork into a sterling silver Peter Stone ring that speaks of love and passion in a most elegant way.

Beautifully engraved in history, Celtic knotworks have been the source of great cultural pride adorned in this sterling silver ring of Peter Stone Jewelry. The beautiful knots are in complete loops with no start and end embodying a rich Celtic heritage. Their infinite connections herald to our most primal selves, as we contemplate the uninterrupted cycles of birth and rebirth in both physical and ethereal realms. Such a stunning piece to look at, wear this ring and carry a lengthy and noble tradition anywhere you go.

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver with 14 Karat Gold Accent

- Ring size 10 mm. H


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